Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's been so long since....

Asslamualaikum and good morning.

I'm writing this from home. Hehehe
Nothing much to write up. But this year will be a good year for us. InsyaAllah.
Let's pray together and live our life without any issue. I mean, if you have a problem then you have to face it and fix it.
What a surprise!! This year I'm turning 30. Hahaha not only me! My cute daughter is turning 3 soon. May Allah bless our life. We may have a big celebration party this year. Hahaha I've so much idea... Bla.. bla..bla....

Wait... Wait... You must be so curious what I'm doing right now. I mean I really don't have any official job and position for the moment. But I will always survive. Hehehe so don't worry and just be happy!

We have a few trip this year and it's gonna be fun. Starting from this March and ......... Will update more about it. I love vacation so much! 😆😆👍

Okay got to go. Need to go to market bcz today we have special guest will come for a visit. Hehehe

Muachhh till next post!

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