Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to My Pretty BFF Ruzanna Ruslan

Dear Ruzanna,

"Sometimes you meet someone and you just click
and you're comfortable with them,
and you don't have to pretend to be anyone & anything".

That's the reason why I always be your super annoying, slamber, sengal 
& sometimes such a dirty mind bff! =P bweekk haha
I can be myself & we don't have to pretend. hehe
Btw, Nyot Happy Belated Birthday! 
I know you're strong & independent woman. 
Be positive & happy okay. 


P/s: Walaupun qa kenal Na mase 2009, 
tp kepala hotak kau sewel sama je cm qa! 
Mohon Maaf jika ada salah silap. hihi 
Congrats Na sebab dah tamat Master , bijak kwn baik aku ni. haha 
walaupun kdg2 sewel. hahahaha opsss
Cpt2 dpt keje yg best okey! nanti kita shopping sama2. 
Yahoooooooo yabedabeduuu....

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