Sunday, February 12, 2017

I wish my dreams come true!

Good morning everyone!
Hari ni ahad, lovely morning for me & my daughter. Hahaha Walhal hari-hari lain pun sama je mcm weekends. 
Hey! Kenalah syukur bcz not everyone dpt hari2 feel like weekends mcm kiteorg dua ni. Especially hubby. Sian hubby kerja 12jam for us. Tqsm hubby 
Oh my daily routine, after subuh. Making a breakfast then kemas rumah. Session kutip2 habuk & vacuum rumah. Lepas tu kemas dapur & bla..bla..bla.... Hahaha  dab byk lagi. So 24/7 stay at home I have a lot things to do.
Well I'm so thankful bcz I can teach Afeefa how to manage her self. Home schooling with mmy sgt seronok okay Hahaha I'm proud mmy!! We have our dance class, exercise, art class & baking class. Reading and writing class. Walaupun basic jer , Afeefa boleh ikut mmy ajar dia. Hihi

Nak upload pic lg but Hp ni lambat pula loading. Till next post, nak story last year vacation to Malacca & Port Dickson. Hehehe See yah! Happy Sunday all...

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